bookmark_borderFedora Silverblue, an operating system you need to know about

If you’ve ever used the Fedora operating system you’ll know that there are many kinds out there like Fedora Worskstation, Fedora Server and so on. But what about Fedora Silverblue ? And what’s the big difference between Fedora Workstation and Silverblue?

Well they both use GNOME and it was previously named Atomic Workstation but then it was renamed to Silverblue. What makes it unique is that it’s an immutable operating system. It means you can only read the file system and you won’t be in any trouble if things go terribly wrong. If there’s some kind of bug or some problem when updating or whatever, you can simply boot into the previous image of the operating system. Essentially every time you update something related to your file system or something else, a new image is created. Kinda like a copy of the current system you’re using except with some new things.

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