100% Free PCBs in 2021

Need some PCBs for a project of yours and you don’t want to spend money ? Well there is a way you can get them 100% free including shipping.

ALLPCB is running a promotion where you can get a free PCB order once a month after creating an account on their website.

You can read more about it here, https://allpcb.com/activity/free-pcb-prototype-2021.html

What’s the catch ?

Nothing really. However here are some limitations that I found with this offer:

  • You can only order 1 PCB design
  • You can only order boards with 1-4 layers
  • You can only order 5 units
  • You can’t bundle multiple PCB designs in one shipment or else you’ll have to pay for shipping
  • You can only get green or white solder mask
  • You can only get the HASL lead free finish
  • You can’t order panelized PCBs

Are the boards any good ?

Yes they’re okay. The board quality is similar to other fabs like JLCPCB, PCBGOGO and PCBWay. I’ve order from them many times so I can guarantee the quality will be good enough for most of your projects.

Will they steal my board design ? Sounds too good to be true 😐

No, just accept that the PCBs are actually free.

Do they ship worldwide ?

Yes. Every shipping option is free including DHL and FedEx.