How to get an RP2040 IC

With the huge supply chain issue with semiconductors, some of my favorite chips are either not available or cost me a leg and an arm.

The Raspberry Pi foundation released the RP2040 microcontroller a while back which was pretty great. They also released a board known as the Raspberry Pi Pico which is the only Pi that isn’t a SBC. However it’s easier to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi Pico than a RP2040 chip. This sucks for makers out there that want to make a dev board out of the RP2040. But I have come up with a solution that solves this problem.

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1 – Buy a Raspberry Pi Pico

Here are some places where you can get a Raspberry Pico:




Raspberry Pi Foundation


Step 2 – Get some tools

Here’s a list of the things you need:

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Hot Air Soldering Station

Soldering Iron


Soldering Wick


ESD Safe Tweezers

ESD Bags

PCB Holder

Kapton Tape

Step 3 – Desolder the chip

Disclaimer: If you mess this step up then I won’t be responsible if the chip doesn’t work or if you messed up your board. You have been warned.

I first added a layer of Kapton tape on the board to prevent the other passive components from being desoldered so that I reuse the board.

Crank that hot air station to about 250-310 degrees Celsius and set the air to about 1.5 if you have a similar unit to mine.


Step 4 – Enjoy

You now have a RP2040 chip in your hands. Remember to keep it in an ESD bag to not let it get damaged with a static charge.

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