Christmas badge Rev 1

About this cool project

A really simple open-source PCB badge made for the spirit of Christmas. You can hang it onto a Christmas tree or wherever using a piece of string or a ribbon.

The board has 5 red LEDs which light up at full brightness powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery at +3V DC. This was originally supposed to have LEDs with different colors but during testing, only some lit up. What happened was that some of the LEDs required more power than light up and emit that particular color. Instead of redesigning the board to use a different power source like a USB port, I just populated the board with red LEDs as it uses way less current than the other LEDs and I could light 5 of them at the same time. 😀

Assembled Board


To show that this is actually open-source hardware 😉

Link to the project repo on Github:

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