New Changes to the site 1

Hey everyone I made some pretty cool changes to the website. Nothing huge but was still something to write a blog post about.

Logo Change

I felt that my logo was a bit boring so I decided to invert the colors to get an even cooler looking logo and merch 😀

New Dark Theme

Since I changed the logo colors from a white background to a black background I wanted to have a dark theme for the website that would also improve the reading experience for my posts or blogs. For this, I used a pretty cool WordPress plugin. Not the best solution but it gets the job done :P. Try out the dark theme by just sliding a switch at the bottom of the web page.

Reading Progress Bar

I had the idea of adding this feature after taking a look at some blogging sites. Again I used a WordPress plugin for this.

Contact Form

I actually added a proper contact form instead of just giving you my email 🙂

Disqus Comment system added

WordPress doesn’t exactly have the best commenting system and I don’t always get the time to review and approve comments. So I decided to add Disqus.

Security Seal from Hardenize

After browsing some apps on my Cloudflare dashboard I found this cool app called Hardenize which essentially checks the security of your website ( to a certain extent ) and generates a report. What’s even cooler is that you get a seal that you can place anywhere on your site. To show you that I do my best at making this site as secure as possible I added the seal at the bottom of the page.

Social Media buttons

Speaking of the bottom of the page, I added some social media buttons so that you guys can find me on social media. I did this using an app from my Cloudflare dashboard.

Google Analytics is enabled

Google Analytics was added to monitor what you guys do on my site and thus I can provide better content based on what you guys are searching for.


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