SHT20 Breakout board


This breakout board is based on the SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor from Sensirion. The sensor is pretty small and it can give decent results. The breakout board is only 10×10 mm making it ideal for projects that are compact. If you’re wondering if you can use this in an Arduino project you’ll be pleased to know that you can but however you’ll need to use a microcontroller that runs on 3-3.3V and that supports I2C. DFRobot has provided a very convenient Arduino library that you can use  The board is open source and you can find the github repo of this board at the end of the post

Assembled board

Assembled board next to a Mauritian 20 cents Coin


To truely say that this is open hardware, the board has been OSHW certified 😉

Link to the project repo on Github:

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