bookmark_borderStormduino Youtube video

In this video, I explain and give a demo on one of my projects known as stormduino. I also talk about the previous revisions of stormduino before getting to the final refined revision ( Rev 2.2 ). Hope you like this video and if you do please consider supporting me on Kofi, subscribing to my channel and leaving a like 🙂

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bookmark_borderStormduino is now OSHW certified !

A while back a project known as stormduino was started in collaboration with tecknologg and the cool folks over at . Stormduino is pretty much a KiCad designed Arduino Uno compatible clone that utilizes a USB Type-c port and has much simpler components that still maintains it’s integrity. It was originally open source since Rev 1 but after refining the design, we wanted to really show that this was actually open-source hardware. After hearing about the open-source hardware certification program we decided to apply for it. To our luck, we got approved and celebrated with a cup of coffee 🙂

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