My experience during the 102 IETF hackathon in Mauritius

It was a Tuesday evening and Logan had asked on the GCI (Google Code-In) group if we wanted to take an Ubuntu challenge. He then informed us that we would be staying at Point aux Piments for 4 days but we had to work with TLS 1.3 which is the newest version of TLS. I accepted the challenge and agreed to come. Logan was kind enough to pick me up from my home and on the following day, I packed 4 sets of clothes, my laptop, my Bluetooth speaker, my towel, my phone, my phone charger and my toothbrush with a shaving kit as I do not like too much facial hair on my face. I asked Logan what time he was going to pick me up and he told me that it would be 7:00 in the morning.

The following day I woke up at around 6:00 in the morning and got ready to go. Logan and Nitin( the guy who came at my place with Logan to pick me up and he has his own blog at ). We were then on our way to pick up someone else at UOM ( University of Mauritius ). We arrived at the location and was a bit disappointed as it looked like some old building on the outside but on the inside, it was not that bad but then got used to the place and there was a pool and since I and Muz ( the guy we picked up at UOM ) were here first, we had the opportunity to choose our rooms. We were there first as the car could not transport more than four people. Then I and Muz went downstairs to get started with Openssl. As Muz had the experience and knowledge in use Openssl and other stuff, I asked him to help me up setup my VM ( Virtual Machine ) and he did so. My VM was running Lubuntu which is a lite version of Ubuntu and my main operating system was Windows 8. Unfortunately for me, the laptop itself was very underrated. I am not kidding, that thing was Lenovo G400s and the specs on it are terrible. I then decided to burn Lubuntu on a USB flash drive and removed the Windows 8 operating system that was installed on my laptop and replaced it with Lubuntu. I then ran into a few issues when I was installing Openssl but Logan did help me out. Once OpenSSL was installed, I then performed my first TLS 1.3 Handshake, Resumption, and 0-RTT but did run into difficulties with NSS. There was this guy whose name was Jeremy and was quite a cool guy. I got along with him and he went along with him. I then moved to Boringssl and did a Handshake, Resumption and 0-RTT but again ran into the same problem with NSS. Jeremy and others did do a good amount of work but I felt that I did not do much at all. I decided to take mbedtls but it did take me while to install it as I did not read the file which would have saved me plenty of time but instead was wasted on try figure out how to install mbedtls by searching for a simple tutorial or documentation on the internet but really nothing is simple in life. Then Loki ( the guy who was working with us and was also working on wolfssl and cool guy ) pointed out that mbedtls did not support TLS 1.3 which then turned out to be true and then mbedtls was off the list. Overall it was my first IETF hackathon and it was really fun and I had made a few friends and met a few friends and enjoyed the pool and the food was quite good.

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