DIY soldering kit by tecknologg

A while back I had the idea of making a DIY ( Do it Yourself ) soldering kit that I can give away to people at conferences, social events, hackathons and so on. There isn’t anything special about this kit as it’s just a flashing LED and a resistor. I decided to go with a flashing LED because a regular one that just stays on is pretty boring. Additionally I added some 0805, 0603 and 0402 footprints so that people can practice SMD soldering. There will be 2 versions of the kit. The first one will just have a flashing LED and a resistor and the other one will have extra SMD components.

I designed the PCB in Altium designer and panelised it to save space and money. I then got them made by a PCB manufacturer known as Elecrow. I went with the blue soldermask because I wanted some more blue PCBs in stock.















After a few weeks I received the boards. They turned out pretty good and the quality was also good.

Now here’s the small PCBs broken out of the panel. By the way if you are getting your boards panelised with v-scoring then you will get rough edges. Thankfully you can remove them with some fine grid sand paper. If you want to learn more about v-scoring and panelisation then check out Dave’s EEVblog video .

Here is a demo video of the kit,

Alright guys peace out 🙂

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